The Thing In The Apartment            
Dating Daisy                    
Sons of Guns                    
Perfect World                    
Demon Lake                    
Farah Goes Bang                    
Newspaper Rock                    
In Your Father’s Shadow                
Rue’s Eden                    
This Is The End                    
I Love You                    
Roubado (Foreign Language Short)            
Desert Lullabies (Foreign Language Short)        


John Ross, Director/Eli Roth, Producer
Barry Shurchin, Director
Arun Vir, Director
Neel Upadhye
Tanner Boyajian, Director
Lindsey Haun, Director
Lukas Colombo, Director
Lukas Colombo, Director
Yuske Fukada, Director
Gabrielle Lui, Director
Meera Menon, Director
Jon Maas, Director
Spencer Brod, Director
Tarique Qayumi, Director
Evan Salce, Director
Micaela Colman, Director
Rafael Moraes, Director
Lukas Colombo, Director
Erica Watson, Director
Monely Soltani, Director


Baggage Check                   
Bed Stuy Lullaby                  
I Love LA                
Son Shine                  
Things Are Really Insane             
Benjamin Troubles               
A Lesson of Love                   
Dog – Earred                  
LA Coffin School (Foreign Language Short)      
Shaya (Foreign Language Short)           
What to Bring to America             
It’s Not About Coffee               
Spilt Milk                  
Holt and Mike                   
The First Impression               
Play: Elevator                  
Freaky Faron                   


Megan Bogalio, Director
Matthew Boda, Director
Michael Zussman, Director
Katrell Kindred, Director
John Ross, Director
Kai Ephron, Director
Michael McAlexander, Director
Alex Turtlebaum, Director
Joshua Tate, Director
Erin Li, Director

Tracy Wren, Director
Amir Noorani, Director
Kristophe Nassif, Director
Tom Morris, Director
Joshua Shimmim, Director
Peter Besson, Director
Peter Besson, Director
Ryan Ullman, Writer-director
Michael Leoni, Writer-director
John Ross, Writer-director


A Way In
Exact Bus Fare

Play: The Deluded Chronicles
The Road Taken
The Ethical Slut
USC Improvisational Animated Short
Dream of David Sheldon
Vanity Mirror
Paradise Lost


Todd Evans, Writer - director
Todd Evans, Writer-director
Chris Marazzo, Writer/Director (Cannes Pick 08)
Ramsey Moore/Dave Levin, Writers
Ramon Arnada, Writer-director
Moses Ma, Writer-director
John Helton, Writer – Director
Nico Constantinides, Director
Andrea Wheeler, Writer/director
Andrea Wheeler, Writer/director            


Spilt Milk
Blood and Water

Second Best
Somewhere In Between
The Splendorettes



Joshua Shimmim, Writer/director
Joshua Shimmim, Writer/director
Jon Stout, writer – Director
Doug Cooney, Writer.Mary A. Kellogg, Director
Jason Wong, Director
Tracy Wren, Director
Micheal Leoni, Writer/director
Dallas King, Writer/director
Doug Turner, Writer/director



Romancing the Joan w/ Joan Rivers for Renuzit
Industrial: Millipore
Industrial: Blot Race
Spec: Doritos for Super Bowl Contest 2012
Spec: World Cup Soccer
Consultant: Sierra Mist Campaign
Consultant: Ball Park Franks
Industrial: Computer Tutorial
Spec: Arrid Deodorant
PS Family Health Care VO
California K-9
Industrial: That’s Revolting
Mass Effect 3 (Live Action)
Greenpeace PSA
Sierra Club PSA

Captains of Industry

Captains of Industry
Captains of Industry
Director: Mike Makara

Lance Larson, writer-director
Joe Blake, casting director
Psychic Bunny
Psychic Bunny
Psychic Bunny
Psychic Bunny
Captains of Industry (sitcom style)
Electronic Arts (Premiered at 2010 E3)
Oliver Agostini, Director.Greenpeace,Prod
Sierra Club


Fresh Baked Video Games
After Hours (Pilot)
Pub Patrol
The Happies (Pilot)
Celebrity Pet POV (Pilot)
Five Hot Blondes
Lost Idols (Pilot)
BET “Late Night”
The Guy Chronicles (Pilot)
Untitled Sketch Comedy Show
Doc: American Experience: Freedom Riders


Charlie Siskel/ Spike TV
Josh Levine, Producer
Brad Slitz, Producer
T. Moore, Director
Julio Kollerbom /VH1
Jane Lipsitz / MTV
Jane Lipsitz / MTV
Robyn – Lattaker Johnson / BET
Aaron Riggs – Brooks College
Joshua Levine, Producer
Stanley Nelson, Director


Casting Associate with Judy Elkins on following commercials (more available upon request):

Hallmark (2 spots)
Global Giving
Boniva (multiple spots)
UPS (multiple spots)

James Gartner
James Gartner
James Gartner
Sticks and Stones
James Gartner

Mobile Phone Programming:

Ultimate Wingman              
LA Waiter                   
Inappropriate Boss               
Beverly Hills Barrio               
Juicy T: Pimp In Training               
Roscoe the Party Dog               


David Goldman/Comedy Time
David Goldman/Comedy Time
David Goldman/Comedy Time
David Goldman/Comedy Time
David Goldman/Comedy Time
David Goldman/Comedy Time